The payment service of the whole Caribbean.

Pay, send and receive money in over 180 countries worldwide for up to 10 times less.

We are here to connect the Caribbean with its diaspora around the world.

We are here to help you go further in everything you do.

Pay and get paid faster

International partners for a market that we want to make reach its growth speed.

We have partnerships with the world's leading payment providers.

All this to better connect you with the world and make you live the most reliable payment experience in the Caribbean.

What do we offer?

The most innovative online and offline payment solution.

Complete solution for all types of payment.

Innovations adapted to your immediate and future needs.

Well thought out.

Well thought out to make your business grow.

No surprise, love any time!

Clearly defined fees and transactions with no surprises.

Approve more transactions quickly.

Get more approvals for every payment with local and global payment processing, data-driven optimizations and powerful risk management.

User-friendly merchant control panel.

With our well thought out panel control system, merchants can receive their payments and withdraw them when they want as they want.

Currencies Accepted.

Whatever currency you use, we use it too. Deposit, convert, transfer any currency as you wish.

Payment technology that works for you and generations to come.


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Receive money, spend money, transfer money with W-I Pay the possibilities are huge.

Help you rest and relax, while we make sure you can pay all your bills easily.

Transfer money from here to there, and to anywhere and anyone internationally, with only 2%+ 1 HTG or 1 USD fee.

We are thought to make your life simpler and easier by being serene in every transaction.

We are not new, we just do things differently.

  • Fully Secured and Easy to Use
  • Lowest transaction fees for ever
  • Secured and trusted payments
  • Full transparency
  • Dispute system
  • Instant transfer of payments

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Why are so many people switching to W-I Pay?

Because we give them the means to go further in their project

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Marryl Johnson

As a market place seller the billing system (payment link from W-I Pay) allows me to sell more professionally and manage my money better.

Roozlbert Morency

En tant que personne vivant dans la diaspora, grâce à W-I pay, mes proches en Haïti et en République dominicaine reçoivent mes transferts d'argent plus rapidement et à moindre coût via Paypal, Zelle ou ma carte de crédit.

Claudine Saintilmé

W-I Pay konprann enpòtans sekirite m, ak zouti anti-fwod ak anti-cyber atak li yo, mwen santi mwen an konfyans chak fwa mwen itilize sèvis li yo.

Adriana Rodriguez

Mi mayor satisfacción es que el dinero que me envían en dólares puede cambiarse a la moneda del país donde vivo.

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